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PRESTIGE PLASTICS proudly introduces FlowGuard® CPVC Hot and Cold water piping systems in Pakistan using an internationally recognized CPVC compound by ‘Lubrizol’. Lubrizol is an innovator and world leader in chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resins and compounds. Their high performance and low combustibility CPVC technology is backed by robust research and development capabilities. Lubrizol’s CPVC compound boasts more than 50 years of field use. The PRESTIGE CPVC FlowGuard® pipes made with specially formulated Lubrizol’s CPVC compound are tested in-house to maintain water purity, resist corrosion, and last longer than other piping systems. PRESTIGE FlowGuard® CPVC pipes are easily installed using reliable solvent-welded joining techniques and offer the quality, cost-effective choice for long-term service. The CPVC compound meets cell class 23447B as defined by ASTM DI784. and has a design stress of 2000PSI and a maximum service temperature of 93°C. PRESTIGE FlowGuard® CPVC pipes are produced in SDR 11 and SDR 13 for sizes < 2” as per standards derived from ASTM D2846 and in PN 16, 20 for sizes > 2” as per standards derived from ISO 15877.

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